The surrealistic rumors about Paulo Dybala began last week, the rumors various from “done deal” to “no agreement”, so will the deal happen? Here are some of the rumors about the Argentine.

The Italian newspaper Sport Mediaset reports that Fabio Paratici, the sports Director of Juventus has traveled to England to finalize the deal. Paratici will demand 5£ besides Romelu Lukaku.

On the other hand, have the Italian journalist Alfredo Pedullà reported that Napoli has offered United 70 Million (Euro) for the Belgian international. However, Pedullà later proclaimed that United refused the offer.

Pedullà claims to have exclusive information about the contract proposal Dybala has received from United. The Red Devils are proclaimed to has offered 11 million (Euro) yearly in addition to other clauses, such as “1 million for winning the Europa League.”

Corriere Dello Sport reports that the clubs have reached an agreement, (a straight swap between Lukaku and Dybala). The deal is only depending on Dybala’s motivation to play in England. Dybala didn’t train with his teammates yesterday and is rumored to have 24 hours left to give his answer.

A source close to United has reported that Paul Pogba is healthy and the reason he didn’t play against A.C Milan was that he working on the Dybala deal. Dybala and Pogba were good friends in their Juventus time, Pogba even nicknamed Dybala “Square R2” a combination used to turn and shoot on Fifa. The same source reports Dybala have reached an agreement but there is still paperwork left.


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