The Borussia Dortmund striker began his proffesional career under Solskjaer at Molde and he remember the close-bond training sessions with his old boss.

Haaland is credited Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to turn him into a goalmachine.

“I remember it was frustrating as a young striker, everything goes against you in training,” Haaland told Eurosport .

“I was alone with the keeper and the bar, got crosses from Ole Gunnar, but I missed on every opportunity. I remember Ole then said ‘I think you start this game, so just be ready.’”

Haaland at the time in Molde

“Solskjaer and I did some practice on finishing,” he added. “Not just crosses. I remember he taught me some easy rules.

“The first one was one-touch [finishes]. That I don’t use too much power and trying to destroy the goal or the goalie with ball. I think that I was thinking about doing that and it was something new that he told me. I trained a bit on that, but without scoring. But at least I had it in my head after that training session.”

Haaland has not forgotten his old mentor:

“He has taught me a lot to be calm, and also be on your toes and come to those situations where the ball is coming,” he continued. “It is then you have the chance to score. He deserves a lot of credit for teaching me that.”